Berqnet Firewall

Berqnet Firewall

If you are a brand in the cyber security industry, you need to care more about everything you do, choose your business partners more carefully and approach every project you work on with a tailor-made perspective. Our old website could not respond to our new goals as much as needed. At this point, to understand the needs of Turkey's fastest growing cyber security brand, we entered into an agency seeking experienced and expert. We met with Mediaclik during this search. As a team, we examined all the work they did in detail, and when we saw their working principles and positive attitudes, we decided to prepare our new website with them. As of now, we have a corporate website that fully responds to our needs with its modern look and Mediapress infrastructure that offers great convenience to its users. Thank you to the entire Mediaclick team for this successful project.

Serhat Şahin

Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager