Mediaclick Ekip

Since 2002, our agency has provided 360°digital communication services. Since the day of our incorporation, we have preferred long-term investments over short-term earnings. Our biggest gains are respect and passion for our work... And we became a family of 25 person that share the same emotions.

The awards and successes which we obtain each year to motivate us and increase our passion. But the biggest awards are your compliments and your satisfaction for us.

Mediaclick Ekip

your project = our prestige

MediaClick does not deal with the Projects without sufficient preparation, allocated insufficient budget and wrongly issued by the customers are not undertaken.

free demo = "no"

Under no circumstances does MediaClick provides free demos (excluding works that were paid pitch participation fee). MediaClick believes that such demands represent plagiarization that negatively impacts the sector.

open communication, at all times…

MediaClick adopts each project it undertakes as its own work and until the project completion, it concludes them timely with good faith efforts. Potential problems that may occur during the project phase are shared with the customer through frankness and open communication.

we have just met...

MediaClick does not part ways with the customer after the completion of the project. In addition to maintenance, support and development support for web projects, it also provides marketing support with its digital marketing team.