More organic traffic, more customers with our SEO service!

Search engine optimization (SEO) encompasses various technical actions taken to make a website appear higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) organically. SEO aims to achieve a higher visibility in search engines with changes made to the content, structure and coding structure of the website.

SEO processes include various technical and content-oriented strategies such as keyword research, on-site optimization, off-site optimization, mobile compatibility, page speed optimization, quality and original content creation, which will help the website to be better understood by search engine algorithms.

SEO aims at attracting more traffic and visitors by ensuring that a website rank high in organic search results with targeted keywords. This is important for the website to gain more visibility, increase brand awareness, increase the authority of the site and get more conversions.

A successful SEO strategy helps the website rank high for targeted keywords, thus providing a less costly method to reach potential customers.

Our SEO Approach consists of 5 stages:

  • Keyword Research
    The SEO service does keyword research to determine the keywords the website is targeting. At this stage, tools are used to examine keyword competition and potential keyword opportunities.
  • On-site Optimization
    On-site optimization includes optimizing the content of the website, optimizing the page titles, meta descriptions and URL structures. In addition, technical optimization processes such as sitemap, robots.txt file and site speed are also done at this stage.
  • Off-site Optimization
    Off-site optimization includes other tactics such as backlinking and social media marketing to increase the website's page rank.
  • Content Marketing
    Content marketing involves creating original, engaging and useful content for the website. This is a strategy to attract website visitors, increase brand awareness and improve search engine rankings.
  • Analysis and Reporting
    At this stage, information is collected and reported on how you can improve your site by analyzing the current status of your site and its ranking in search engines.
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